The Importance of Business Directory Listings

It might surprise many business owners to know that business directory listings are one of the most effective methods of advertising for small business. Search engines and customers alike use business directories to find relevant products and services. We all use business directories, sometimes without even realising - for example, Google Maps, LinkedIn, and even search engines are business directories. Business owners are usually aware of the presence of an online business directory - however, they often don’t know about the benefits of listing their business. It's essential for the success of businesses to be listed on business directories.

This is particularly true for an industry like hemp and cannabis where almost all advertising platforms ban anything to do with the plant - including social media platforms and traditional media. It has been dubbed the Cannaban. Even if your business does not touch the plant and is fully legal, just by using the wrong keywords or pictures on your website or adverts your account can get banned, or worse, deleted. 

We also know how important it is to a customer in this budding industry to know which companies and products they can trust. By offering business and product reviews, customers can also research whether they others trust your business. That’s why The Green List was founded – to help build trust and awareness of legal hemp and cannabis companies, products, and services.

Before we go into the specifics of the Green List though, understanding local business directories and the value they can offer is essential. Business directories are more than just an online ‘yellow pages’; they are a comprehensive platform which enables prospective customers, business owners, and professionals to identify and contact businesses relevant to them. It's important to note that you can be penalised for listing on too many directories, so it's essential you only list your company on relevant and leading directories. 

5 reasons your cannabis company must be on the Green List

Free advertising.
Any business that fails to take advantage of free advertising is doing themselves a disservice. Any opportunity which businesses have to reach potential customers and increase their brand awareness should be jumped on, particularly in a local context. For customers who are looking for a type of business, but don't know your business name, directories are invaluable. 

Easy to find.
Listing on an industry directory is key to boosting your ability to be found by search engines, like Google. The directory has already done the hard work to increase their SEO, so small businesses can create a listing and use the directory’s platform to be indexed and found by the right people. These citations are proven as crucial to your own business website. Search engines cross-reference listing websites to confirm the business details. 

Visibility for target audience.
Particularly with industry business directories, customers are using them to access a specific type of product. Did you know 79% of people browse online prior to visiting store and 80% of online shoppers use a business directory to find the right product? And that was before the recent boost in online traffic due to coronavirus. Internet use has increased up to 60% since the lockdowns of March 2020.

Brand awareness.
In such a young industry, the field is wide open for savvy cannabusinesses to cement their brands into the public awareness and make the most of an equal playing field. Particularly in this time where people have to change their shopping habits, brand awareness is key. Promoting your brand in a reputable industry directory is essential if you want to be recognised.

Reputation and trust.
And as we know, trust is everything. By showing potential customers that you have reliable reviews, have been around for a while, and are approved on a reputable directory, they will know that your company can be trusted, which would have perhaps otherwise taken months to develop. 80% of consumers trust online reviews, and The Green List has a native review system built in. 

The Best Place to be Found

The Green List is the trusted cannabis and hemp industry business directory which incorporates all of these benefits into their easy-to-navigate website.

Additionally, The Green List generates even more value for its business listings by:
1. Incorporating B2B and B2C listings to ensure the directory is not only a guide for consumers, it is also a platform where business can network and find investment opportunities.
2. Businesses are able to update their own listings so that there is no lag in accuracy.
3. To ensure the quality of listings, The Green List administrators conduct regular screenings to ensure the accuracy and relevance of all listings.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your business listed or claim your existing business listing. The Green List will make sure you don’t just appear in search results – they’ll make sure you stand out.