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3. Accent Hydroponics

We have an enormous array of products and services available to our customers. If your near Sydney, you are most welcome to drop in and visit our superstore / warehouse. Located in Kurnell on the southern side of Sydney. 
Kurnell, NSW

4. Australian Vaporizers

We have over 8 years experience in online retail and will do everything in our power to make sure your vaporization experience is a positive one 
Newmarket, QLD

5. Hemp Farms Australia

Hemp Farms Australia is a Queensland based hemp farming business, formed by two young men with a passion for the advancement of industrial hemp 
Brisbane, QLD

6. Bondi Vape Queen

Medical marijuana advocate. Hydroponic/vape store owner. 
Sydney, NSW

7. Bulk Hemp Food

In partnership with the world leaders of the Canadian Hemp industry – the original and the best. We are Australia’s leading and most trusted wholesale distributors of hemp products. 

8. CannaBella

CANNABELLA formulates the most efficacious skincare products, ensuring only the strictest organic boundaries and processes 
Caringbah, NSW

9. CannHarvest

Our Vision is to become a vertically integrated global leader in industrial hemp products. 
Hobart,, TAS

10. Dollar Hippy Club

We’ve evolved past the use of chemical cocktails to put on our skin, we use only proven & effective natural ingredients. 

11. Eco 3D Hemp

Our range of filament is carefully chosen to reflect our quality standards and we are excited to offer a range of eco-friendly up-cycled specialty filaments made from up-cycled industrial waste products which is biodegradable and… 
Northern Rivers, NSW

12. Elenora

Wholesaler of ethically crafted clothing, hand rolled incense & incense resin, natural perfume & oils, sustainably wild harvested white sage & palo santo, meaningful 925 silver, gypsy gold jewellery and a myriad of beautiful accessories from… 
Woolgoolga, NSW

13. Eve Hemp

We are REBORN. An Independent, Growth Focused Digital Marketing Agency, located in Australia and the UK 
Chippendale, NSW

14. Flower & Freedom

Flower & Freedom empowers people to explore cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s our hope that by interacting with Flower & Freedom you feel empowered to embrace the knowledge needed to become a safe and educated consumer of… 

15. Greenleaf Bags

Fresh plant-based foods are the most powerful foods for supporting fertility, gut health, detoxing the body and for our overall wellbeing. 
Highfields, QLD