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August 2nd Highlights

  • New Zealand and adult-use cannabis - New Zealand could be the first country in the Asia Pacific to legalise the adult use of cannabis. Such a change may start a dominoes effect - Australia could follow suit. During such an uncertain period in history, perhaps adult-use cannabis would be good for the local economy? The state of Colorado sold more than $779 million in 2020 and paid more than $167 million in taxes and fees to the state. Data reference 
  • CBD and Epilepsy - A recent study showed 19% of patients were seizure-free at follow-up month 40 of using a cannabinoid preparation. Of the 37 patients, 27 reported >50% improvement, 2 patients reported <50% improvement and 1 patient discontinued therapy due to lack of efficacy. Weaning from concomitant antiepileptic drugs was obtained after 24 weeks from CBD introduction in 10 subjects. Researchers showed the efficacy of a CBD-based oil formulation with few significant side effects in patients with Treatment-resistant epilepsy of various etiologies. Study Reference

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