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September 13th Highlights

  • A change in attitude - I read that Japanese people tend to see doctors’ words as indisputable authority; and if doctors disapprove of cannabis, there is little chance for patients to be able to experience what cannabis might do for them. I anticipate in countries like Australia, Canada, America and parts of Europe, more millennials will become doctors, and patients will gain medical knowledge by means of the internet. This in turn could accelerate the adoption of personalised medicine.
  • Hemp animal food (and it’s the implication) - Researchers at Kansas State are conducting studies they hope will offer insight to farmers who are considering incorporating hemp in cattle feed. Two studies have been published to date, one in Applied Animal Science and the other in Scientific Reports. Hemp Seed products are high in fatty acids, protein and fiber and are shown to be a good source of minerals. Hemp can also clean soil by reducing erosion, and to loosen the soil, allowing more delicate plants to grow afterward. I enjoy pondering over what the world will look like in 20 years once hemp has been adopted, innovated and offered to the masses as a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to plastics, building material, fuel, clothing - the list goes on. 
  • Adult-Use Cannabis (an economic opportunity) - New Frontier projects that products made from cannabis extracts will represent about $10.2 billion of the $18 billion in total legal cannabis sales expected this year. On the side of medical, A report published by Prohibition Partners estimated that by 2024 the global market for medical cannabis will reach USD 62.7 billion annually. It is incredible to consider how enormous the global market potential is for cannabis. 

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