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November 22nd Highlights

  • The Issue with Governments Running Cannabis - In an upcoming episode, I’m going to speak with Mike Perron about the Canadian cannabis market. One of the items we will speak about is the issues that state governments have placed on the industry by controlling the cannabis supply chain. The reality is, the government has no business being in the business of managing the cannabis supply chain. Furthermore, there’s no reason taxpayers should be paying for government bureaucrats to sell cannabis, and the government should not be competing against non-government licensed retailers. This is one of the reasons why the adult cannabis market has not grown as anticipated by many analysts, investors, and companies. For a more detailed set of insights on the issues created by the provinces managing the cannabis supply chain, read here.
  • A Great Excerpt Regarding the Canadian Cannabis Surplus - Health Canada, the federal agency that oversees the country’s cannabis producers, reported that as of April 2020, licensed producers (LPs) held in excess of 600,000 kilograms of unpackaged dried cannabis and an additional 46,413 kilograms of packaged flower. (This is not counting what is being held in stock by distributors and retailers.) This cannabis surplus is a result of overproduction relative to the number of retail outlets, which negatively impacted cash flow for many LPs and spooked most investors and potential investors in the Canadian stock market. For many companies planning to cultivate or produce a cannabis product, investor opportunity simply dried up overnight. This is a great insight piece on how the oversupply of cannabis in Canada can be put to good use. For more insights - read here
  • The Issue with Cannabis Strains - Recently researchers took thousands of cannabis samples representing 396 strain names to a laboratory and analysed samples. From the analysis, the scientists concluded that the strain name of a particular type of cannabis basically doesn’t mean much of anything at all. I spoke with Prof. Hinanit Koltai, PhD about this topic - you can watch the episode here.

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