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May 17th Highlights

  • The German Medical Market - a great piece of content on Germany's medical market. Germany’s current medical cannabis framework was introduced in March 2017. With a population of over 83 million people and broad public health insurance coverage, Germany is the largest and fastest-growing major medical cannabis market in Europe and poised to become one of the largest federally regulated medical cannabis markets in the world. According to data from the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, public reimbursements of medical cannabis in 2019 reached €123 million, an increase of 67% from 2018, and the number of prescriptions processed by pharmacies exceeded 267,000, an increase of 44% from 2018. In addition, there is an estimated 20-25% of all cannabis patients who do not get their benefits reimbursed by the statutory health insurance companies. Marijuana Business Daily estimates adding these private prescriptions would value the German market at over €170 million in 2019.
  • Price and quality of CBD - a great insight from cannabis access clinic - The cost of prescription-only CBD medication prices are often similar to over-the-counter CBD supplements. The cost of a standard CBD-only prescription can cost anywhere from between £7.50 and £15 per 100mg, depending on the manufacturer. Surprisingly, some of the top-selling high street brands can cost even more, despite not having to comply with the same standards as prescription-only CBD. Store-bought and pharmaceutical CBD should be the same, that is to say, the cannabinoid constituent has the same structure. However, the degree to which over-the-counter CBD products are tested for the quantity of therapeutic ingredients and adulteration is rarely to the standard of prescription-only CBD. Additionally, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products are grown and manufactured to a set of clinically d

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