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July 12th Highlights

  • The Burst of the Cannabis Bubble - The cannabis industry has grown at a remarkable rate over the last few years, spurred on by the lifting of prohibition measures in Canada, the UK, Australia and a growing number of US states. One key factor in the devaluation of cannabis stocks over the past year – and one which applied across international markets – was the discrepancy between the potential for growth offered by legalisation measures and the real-world challenges to that potential. The reality is, political change is slow and it takes time for the industry (regulators, doctors, industry) to understand the implication of such changes. Companies and doctors will challenge regulators and policy changes are made 'on the fly' as grey areas are pointed out. Furthermore, the adoption curve for uptake with doctors has been slow for companies who are moving products into the market. The bubble has burst, and this is just one example of why for more examples read this great piece.
  • Cannabis is popular across the globe - The 2020 World Drug Report published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reveals that cannabis remains the controlled drug with the most global widespread use, estimated in the report at 192 million users globally. Cannabis still represents more than half of all drug law offences cases in the 2014–2018 period. However, global seizures of cannabis herb fell to their lowest level in two decades in 2018, driven by the emergence of regulated markets in North America, where seizures have fallen by 84% in the last 10 years. I'm sure the reduction in illicit markets of cannabis is akin to the reduction after prohibition in the 1930s. Thanks for the info Prohibition Partners

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